Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Being retired has it's advantages! Sometimes We feel like treating ourselves (after eating "healthy") to a Hamburger in a bun with Onion Rings. Our favorite place is in Dearborn, MI--about 25 minutes from our home--so we just go down there (yes, it's south of us) and get a burger and rings. It's very formal :-) Everything is served on paper, with a plastic fork stuck in the pickle jar on the table, along with the mustard and ketchup servers. The server even brings you a slice of onion wrapped in paper (in case you want one).
We both had Vernor's Ginger Ale (A Detroit "goodie")...and split an order of Onion Rings.
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PAK ART said...

Vernor's Ginger Ale is one of my favorites too! It's not sold just anyplace but I have a few lunch spots that carry it. Your hamburger looks good enough to eat.