Monday, 5 September 2011

Bookbinding a Watercolor Journal

Just finished "binding" my 5th Watercolor Journal! I think this is addictive...I do enjoy picking out the Paper Covers and the Fabric for the Spine Cover--then comes tearing all the watercolor paper pages to size...etc., etc., etc. Then finally to paint in it. I just started painting in my 4th will have this on hand when I need it. :-)
Is it time to go shopping for the next book covers??? (just in case).
I am getting very close to finishing up my "Drawing in Church" journal too--Oh my, decisions, decisions!
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PAK ART said...

That cover is just beautiful! I love the red against that print, plus the beads add so much pizzaz. I have a friend who knows how to bind books, so I'm going to make plans to bind my own watercolor journal next weekend I hope.

Catherine said...

Marj - this book is absolutely beautiful! Love your banner with your sketchbooks displayed. You've really made some beauties, and your sketches inside certainly do them justice.

What a fun addiction we have!

Marj said...

Wow! thanks to both of you...I finally figured out how to change my "heading" on the blog. I'm not too high-tech, you know :-)

Marlene said...

Oh you are just having so much fun!! I love paper and fabric!! It's a perfect blending of arts. You are really good at this!