Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Michigan State University Tollgate...

Michigan State University (Lansing, Michigan) has a Tollgate Education Center (160 Acres of rolling Farmland) about 1 mile from our home. I have been there for their Gardner's Plant sale in June--and you can talk to Master Gardners about problems, etc. This Saturday (Sept. 17th) is their Fall Festival. We will be there to see what's new and what is of interest. In August, the 4-H'ers sell their produce from stands set up there. It's a lovely spot, with many interesting gardens, plants, sheep, horses, and things I probably don't even know about :-)
We are fortunate to have it so close! I will go on Saturday with my Watercolor Journal and see what else I can capture!
BTW, a couple years ago, I bought a Michigan Cactus at the plant sale and it had 9 big yellow blossoms on it this summer (not all at once, but 2 at a time).
There are many other buildings there, not just these few pictured.
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Marlene said...

Oooh know right where that is. Used to pass it on my way to work. Very lovely painting. Sounds like a nice day.

Marlene said...

P.S. Just getting caught up on your blogs. Love your new heading.

Anonymous said...

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