Monday, 21 November 2011

At the Symphony

Last Friday Morning, we went to the "Festival of Flutes/Sir James Galway" at Orchestra Hall in Detroit. That is where our DSO (Detroit Symphony Orchestra) performs.
I took my sketchbook and paints, but the seats were too cramped to do anything but listen--so when I came home, I drew the best flute I could (The Galway's played gold-colored ones). I saw this swirl of piano keys pictured in the program, so I included them in my sketch, along with our tickets and the DSO logo.
It was a wonderful concert--but it was probably a sell-out and the parking was designed by Attilla the Hun :-)
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Marlene said...


PAK ART said...

I didn't know Attila the Hun designed parking lots....we have a few here that are of similar design. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving full of family, friends and good food!

Marj said...

Thanks Patty, we did (have the Thanksgiving you described!). And we also have a few intersections around here designed by Attilla :-)

derry said...

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