Monday, 21 November 2011

Make your own Ceramic Christmas Ornaments???

Our Granddaughter does designs for the above company--and she inserted a picture of our Great-Grands (that would be her nephew and niece) on one of the ornaments.  Too Cute!  I can't wait to see this project in the stores!
She also was just published for her illustration of a recipe (in a newly-printed Recipe Book).
Laura is in the family picture posted below (second from the right). 


PAK ART said...

How esciting! When I'm at Michaels later this week I'll look for that product and admire your grandchildren!

Marj said...

Pak Art- I hope it is in Michael's. Do they sell "Colorbok" brand?
Sometimes it's Target, or Meijer's (a local place like Wall-Mart). We will see.
Love having an "Alaska" connection...was really amused by the Moose at your door :-)

Marlene said...

The talent does run in the family!!
It looks like Michaels, but will you know when it comes out?

derry said...

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