Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Son Ron's Birthday

    We had our November Family Birthday Bash on Sunday (Nov. 6th).....That would include husband Cliff and Grandson David (same day Nov. 7th) and our oldest children (twins) Ron & Ruth. Had a great time with all the cousins bowling, etc....then Pizza later.
Ruth had to be away at a Seminar on the real day of their birthday, so Ron and his family (and us) had dinner at his house and had his "always requested" homemade Cherry Birthday Pie instead of BD Cake.
Since his 3 daughters were there and his two Grandchildren (and Son-in-law) I decided to take a picture of the complete family.
You'll note that it makes us Great-Grandparents :-) :-) :-)
Just had to sketch that pie and ice cream. Yum, Yum!

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PAK ART said...

Lovely family! Where do you find time to sketch the food? We always gobble it down so quick that it never gets sketched!

Catherine said...

Marj, I love that sketchbook page of the pie! And I love that you posted the photo of your handsome family!

Marj said...

Pak Art, I'll fess up...I sketched when I got home...remembered every crumb of that pie and ice cream....and we own the same dishes pattern so I knew which plate to draw it on :-)
Thanks Catherine...and there are 3 more families to post. We have quite a group!

beauty said...
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derry said...
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