Monday, 5 March 2012

Buttons Again?

I was having so much fun painting buttons that I decided to add a few more....(on the same page :-) I have quite a collection of buttons from my Mom's Button Box--and it was fun raking thru them. There were some fancier ones, but I'm not sure I could do them justice. These were fun anyway.
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Claire M said...

These are terrific! They are so cute - and I love the little thread squiggle for the border. Cute!

Marj said...

Thanks Claire! I opened my Journal and added a needle to the thread (thanks for thinking of that) but I don't know how to just replace the picture on my blog...I'll need help for that.
Not very Hi-Tech, I'm afraid :-(

PAK ART said...

That brings back memories! My mom used to have a big glass jar with an assortment of buttons. Sometimes us kids would pour them all out and then sort them by color or shape or size. I always loved the pearl ones with gold around them.

Marlene said...

Very unique. I love the colors