Thursday, 1 March 2012

Painting Buttons

Tried painting some buttons per Catherine's website :-) I had trouble making them look like the sizes they are. But it's my first attempt at these "little things." Fun to do anyway.
This time of the year when it is so gray, rainy 3 days in a row, and only quick peeks at the sun, we need something colorful to concentrate on.
Saw a couple Chipmunks scurrying around today...the earth must be warming up--we have had a mild winter, not much snow.
My Birthday is this month--and I've celebrated with a "summer day", a "blizzard", and a "rainy day"--we'll see what is in store for the first day of Spring :-) this year.
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PAK ART said...

I've never done buttons, that would be a fun challenge. I'm going to stick to my lunches for awhile, that seems to be good practice for me.

Catherine said...

Marj I LOVE your buttons! They're very 3-D. Aren't they fun?