Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Crocus in Full Bloom

My Crocus Bloomed on Thursday so I went out an sketched it and came inside to watercolor it...we don't have many comfortable places to sit outside yet--it's still "winter" here even though it's 73'
I did go to the Farmer's Market just now and bought a large pot of Pansies for my Brick Wall out front.  Love those cute little faces on the Pansies :-)
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PAK ART said...

I had to laugh when I read your post, but in a good way. Do you realize that 73 degrees is a very warm summer day for us? I think I'm laughing because I want to cry - this snow won't be gone for at least two months. I REALLY don't want to live here anymore, I'm tired of cold and snow. Thank you for the hope of seeing flowers again!!!

Claire M said...

Charming painting of the crocus. Are you planning to paint the pansies too? I just love spring as the flowers start popping out - as if we were seeing new smiles every day.

Marj said...

I painted my pansies last year (several times) even made a note card of one of them...I'll post them again :-)
Can't believe this (Michigan) March weather--tomorrow we are supposed to get to 80'

Marlene said...