Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yellow Rose in my Journal

Someone sent me a "forwarded message" that had a picture of a yellow rose in since it is the uncolorful time of the year--I sketched/watercolored it to keep me drawing "something." I don't like forwarding messages that you need to send to 10 of your friends so that you will get a slew of them back (like a chain-letter) so I rarely, if ever, send them on. But I liked this rose for a "model."
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PAK ART said...

gorgeous rose - I always have trouble with the petals, to get them to look layered, you did really well. I hate those kinds of emails also, I especially hate the ones that tell you an Angel will grant wishes if you do this or that...since when are angels at our beck and call?! Someone has confused angels with genies I believe.

Marlene said...

Love Roses especially yellow ones. This one is a beauty!